Year 5/6 Junior Strictly Northampton

Our YEar 5/6s have been busy for the past few weeks practicing for the Junior Strictly competition. They have had to learn the American Smooth Foxtrot and the Salsa (two very tricky dances)

The competition was on Saturday and they performed brilliantly! Unfortunately, they were not in the top three but everyone who went to see them were extremely proud and they should be incredibly pleased with their performance.

Well done team.


One thought on “Year 5/6 Junior Strictly Northampton”

  1. This year the year 5 and 6 strictly was really hard and fun.All the girls and boys and i had a amazing time and went trough a loud of good days .Even though we came 7th this year we all learnt many things.The people that got through took a massive chance and learnt lovely dances. This opportunity bring many people together. The stage was enormous and the seats were full of ever and excited children , even if you have stage fright everyone would enjoy this.Even if you don’t get into the dance group atlas you gave it a try , anyway you will always have a chance later.And before i post this i must thank the wonderful teachers that take of there time for us ,we could not do it without them.Hope your all inspired .

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